Canada’s premier processor and supplier of corn, long-fiber timothy and alfalfa hay.
About us

Green Prairie International (GPI) is a valued global wholesale supplier of quality forage products. The company is located just east of Lethbridge, Alberta and has become one of Canada’s major processors and suppliers of long-fibre timothy and alfalfa hay for valued international markets.

With the large fleet of modern machinery, such as trucks and bale presses, Green Prairie ensures smooth delivery of high-quality end products. Green Prairie has over 25 years experience as a logistics provider, ensuring your products arrive at their destination on time and in good shape. We take care of the whole process, so you can rest assured.

Our trustworthy suppliers and our own farm, produce high quality forage products. Our baling equipment and processes are state-of-the-art and we can deliver in many different sizes. Ranging from small packages to jumbo sized bales.

Quality is of utmost importance to us, which is why we played a significant role in developing a standardized national grading system. Our products find their way all over the world, with markets in for instance Asia and Africa.

Green Prairie is always on the move to achieve a better product, better service and a satisfied stakeholder!


As the main driving force behind the company, John Van Hierden first began selling hay from his family farm in the early 1980s. Being in the business of buying and selling hay, John was shipping alfalfa to dairy farmers on the west coast. The next move was marketing overseas and in 1985 the first shipment of Canadian hay was sent overseas.

Having to deal with demands for large volumes, John van Hierden developed special baling equipment. These machines are specialized in compressing hay. This means larger volumes can fit in shipping containers, whilst ensuring the high quality remains the same.

Broadening the horizon to other markets, led to the establishment of Green Prairie in 1988. Over the years Green Prairie invested much in improving its equipment and in 1995 the first own 200.000 sqf. facility was established, from which we still operate.

Green Prairie is always innovating the way of harvesting, compressing and transporting hay worldwide. The latest addition to the company’s equipment is a press for processing round bales.


Green Prairie International seeks to have a positive impact as a part of striving to be wise stewards of the resources we have been given. We strive to do so using our resources and by creating and sustaining corporate and personal growth. Green Prairie seeks to give something back and to build healthy communities. Therefore, we support various foundations and aids.


Cardus’ mission is to influence people towards a Christian view of work and public life.

Local 4-H Clubs

The 4-H program enhances youth leadership by providing opportunities to learn through national programs and services.

Streets Alive

Streets Alive is a local outreach of Victory Church in Lethbridge, that offers various facilities for people on the street.

Volunteer Lethbridge

Volunteer Lethbridge enriches the Lethbridge community by facilitating individuals and organizations in the support and advancement of volunteerism.

Meals on Wheels

The Lethbridge Society for Meals on Wheels is a registered society, providing hot nutritious noonday meals, five days per week to any person who cannot provide meals for themselves.

Our team

Green Prairie International has developed an experienced, professional and competent team. Their names, position and LinkedIn profile you can find hereunder. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

We encourage our people to work as a team and we encourage personal development. This has resulted in a ‘well-oiled’ smoothly running team that is ready for you today and in the future.